Circular Knitted

Poly Cotton

One type of fabric that has become increasingly popular for apparel, home décor, and other uses is the polyester-cotton mix circular knit fabric. This fabric is a combination of the natural characteristics of cotton and synthetic material, and it provides excellent breathability, stretchability, and comfort. Cotton is known to provide comfort and breathability, while synthetic fabrics provide enhanced durability and strength. Additionally, when combined, both materials also benefit from increased colorfastness and a smooth hand feel. circular knit fabrics create a uniform and consistent fabric appearance that are suitable for a wide variety of uses, and are easy to care for, many modern circular knit fabric patterns feature subtle embossing designs or tonal shifts in color, which bring a touch of sophistication to a wide variety of projects.
this type of fabric can be used in clothing and accessories, in upholstery and home décor, and in many other creative applications. augue sit amet sem.

100% Cotton

Cotton has been a staple in the textile industry for centuries and is still a popular choice for textiles today. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight, breathable fabric to wear outdoors or a heavier, more durably fabric for everyday use, you can find it in cotton’s broad selection of circular knit fabrics.

Popular circular knit fabrics for the textile industry include:

• Rib Knit: This medium-weight fabric is popular for collared shirts, outerwear, and children’s clothing. It is made from two or more alternating knit fabrics that run perpendicular to each other, creating the cotton ribbing look.

• Interlock Knit: This knit fabric is heavier and slightly stretchier than rib knit and has more texture, making it a great choice for outerwear and other clothing items.

• Pique Knit: This fabric is heavyweight and durable, making it ideal for sportswear and golf apparel. Pique fabric has a grid-like pattern and is often used to create collared shirts with a classic, polished look.

• Jersey Knit: This light- to medium-weight fabric is very soft and stretchy and is excellent for t-shirts and activewear. It is also great for comfort apparel like robes and pajamas.

When choosing the right circular knit fabric for your next project, make sure it is the ideal weight and texture for your product. Cotton is a dependable material and its circular knit fabrics provide the perfect combination of durability, comfort, and style.