a) Knitting (Warp)
b) Knitting (Circular)
c) Weaving (Cotton & Blended staple fiber fabrics)
d) Weaving (Terry towels)

Jacquard & Warp Knitting

Latest automatic machinery from Karl Mayer & Liba with CAD/CAM helps to produce the best quality knitted fabrics of different variety and designs. Management and labor employed in the knitting department are skilled and have a vast experience in knitting industry. Pattern designers and Supervisors have been trained by knitting professionals for optimum levels of production.

Knitting (Circular)

Versatile finishing facility capable of processing both tubular and open width fabrics. Production capacity for knitting and dyeing fabric on average 500 kg per day through 32 knitting machines from ‘Mayer’ ‘Camber’ & ‘Terrot’. Vertical integration of in-house processing and finishing plant, results in efficient lead-time.

  • Single jersey 
  • Interlock 
  • Pique 
  • 3&2 thread fleece 
  • 1×1 lycra rib