Company Profile

Ismail Hamed & Sons is a manufacturing, trading and an exporting company. It specializes in fabric manufacturing, processing & finishing with decades of experience in the field of textiles. It is well recognized in the overseas market, the image and reputation of the company speaks itself. The company’s success in this competitive market is all due to the hard work and dedication by expert leadership of our company’s directors.

Company’s aim is to maintain and build on its reputation in the overseas market by doing legitimate and ethical work. The company has long served its valuable clientele and intends to create new trustworthy & long term business relationship with new clients around the world. The upcoming generation aims to preserve the existing company image in the marketplace while enhancing the number of international and local clientele in the company portfolio.

The company’s manufacturing unit consists of “Looms”, “Warp Knitting Machines”, “Raschel Jacquard Knitting Machines” and “Circular Knitting Machines” which manufactures variety of woven & knitted Fabrics. The processing and finishing unit consists of high end state of the art machinery which maintains and provides the best quality finished fabrics. The company possesses highly competent staff which helps to maximize quality in a cost effective way.

Ismail Hamed and Sons has exported in majority of the countries but its main markets are Middle East, South and East Africa, South East and West Asia. Ismail Hamed & Sons is famous with the name of ‘Lock Brand’ in the overseas market. The company produces and exports range of woven and knitted fabrics, home textiles and knitwear.